Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Frog/Castle Center piece

So a couple of days ago a friend ask me to "help" make her daugthers birthday treats/display. She is only having 6 little ones over so I agreed to "help" (ummm she meant me do all the work - hahaha). So she came over and browsed my cricut library and asked what I could make. I told her anything on the cartridge. She wanted a castle and frogs, but she didn't want a princess theme. What? NO princess theme?  She also told me she wanted green and purple. OK I can do that. Right? I had no green and purple paper (as I've been really using only what's in my stash). So off to the imagine I went. I printed off several sheets of paper using the cartridge Imagine more cards. PERFECT colors. I then cut all the images either w/ the imagine or the expression. Let's just say a chirping they were going.

Since, this will be for her centerpiece and putting cupcakes under the castle it would work for the Monthly Cricut challenge.

Princess Party - Castle cut at fit to page w/ layers. I think it did 11 1/2"
Princess Party - Castle treat boxes - 6" w/ the pink heart cut - and embossed
Princess Party - Scepter - 6" (she asked for them I provided) 
Create a critter - Frogs - cut at 2" w/ shadow.
I took the hearts cut from the treat boxes and added them to the peaks of the castle and added purple stickles.

I also made little frog - cup cake picks. I think those are so cute.

As you can see the 1st photo - no cupcakes. Why?  because I didn't have any. So I ran to the store and bought some yummy cup cakes. I added them to the castle and looks so cute when you look at it from all angles - these little sweet frogs looking at you.

Can I just say this is one of my favorite projects I think I've done and will probably do again for my daughter's birthday - maybe I'll change the colors.

Hope you enjoy and
Happy Scrappin'


L.B. said...

This is just so fun and cute. Wonderful cupcakes as well.

Scrappin Dhilly said...

Absolutely amazing, I love the centerpiece!

Carolyn/MamaC said...

You are a good friend! And a creative friend, too! What a fun story and a wonderful project! Great work!

LindaV said...

Fabulous! I love it. What a lot of work!!

Nadia ( said...

This is precious!!!! The whole party is so cute-- charming, fun, and so perfectly princessy!!!