Sunday, November 25, 2012

Square 1 Masterpiece Printable Iron on Fabric

So a few weeks ago I bought my first package of Square 1 Masterpiece Printable Iron on fabric. I will say I was quickly hooked. I bought this for a couple of reasons. I had a few ideas in mind but didn't want to just cut fabric. I wanted to make something in the colors my daughter's teachers love. The one teacher loves light purple - and then the other a royal blue. I initially bought only 3 sheets (sooooo wishing I had bought more then). The fabric cuts so nicely. The printing of the images are all from my imagine machine. I simply selected my design, selected print/cut and then ironed on the fabric to the totes.
I also bought a stocking and wanted to use that to make a cute little decoration. I can sew but not very well so I cheated. I again printed the images from my imagine machine and ironed on. This one I turned the heat down a little bit on my iron because I wasn't 100% sure of the material.
I have a friend who really wants to make a little T-shirt  for her baby's 1st Birthday so this was part the real reason I ordered a package of them. I wanted to play with them before I bought any more. I will say though I just placed another order for more of these. I have a few T-shirt ideas for my daughter in mind.
I love the colors and how smooth these print/cut. 

School Bag

School Bag

Both the school bags are from Joann's and I used the Folk Art Cartridge to cut the names out and the apples. The names are cut at 2" each and the apples are cut at 4".
The bags are Medium Canvas bags. I thought these would be good for my daughter's teachers for Christmas.


I made this cute little stocking using the printable iron on fabric. I used my imagine machine and printed and then cut the images out. I did not do anything special other than put this on my mat - select 5" on each of the ornaments, and then print/cut. Once cut out I ironed on the ornaments - added some puffy paint/ AKA liquid applique. I used the imagine Snow Angels.
I then decorated the top of the stocking with the word JOY using Folk Art festival cut at 2" also.
I added some bling to the center of the flowers using my I-rock tool.

Hope you enjoy and

Happy Scrappin'

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