Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cricut Dress up - Beach Style

So I must admit I'm loving dressing up my little Cricut Vinyl's. They already have a cute little personality but dressing them up really adds so much more. I couldn't bring myself to undress the other Criuts.  So I just selected a few little guys/gals (HAVE we figured out yet is Cricut a Boy or a Girl)? I am making mine both little gals and guys. :).

I wanted to make a cruise/beach theme so I thought this would be fun. I used only 1 cartridge - Pack your bags.

I will give you a small little tip... If you are going to cut really tiny detailed items use vinyl - it's perfect. - The drink, bathing suits, and snorkel gear all cut from vinyl.

I made Red -- a cute little bathing suit I actually took the bikini from Pack your bags and trimmed it down. (I didn't photo her but she actually has the tie in the back). I added a few little gems to her but and added a yummy summer drink.
The bikini was cut at 1" and the drink at 1 1/2" w/ the layers.

Green - has the full set of snorkel gear on complete w/ the fins, and flaoties.
I used my Gypsy to figure out what size snorkel -- which actually cut at 6" because it is a layer to the scuba diver on Pack your bags.

Boat cut at  7" w/ layers
Sand Castle cut at 3" w/ layers - some ink

I then cut some coral, fishes and star fish - random sizes from different colors.

I really had fun with the fair so I thought this would be equally as fun. I really hope you enjoy it. I know it makes me laugh. She must of had too much of that yummy drink as she fell over.  (or a little 3 year old kept messing with her)... :).

Hope you enjoy and

Happy Scrappin'


Liz said...

This is so cute! You always have such amazing projects! TFS

cdm317 said...

That is so cute! Love the bikini!
Good luck in the challenge!

Helen said...

Aw, how cute!!! Love it!

scrapaholicjen said...

Soooooo adorable!!!! Love the bikini - it's the cutest thing ever! :-)

Nadia ( said...

These are hilarious!!!! Love, love, love this!

Michele Green said...

Adorable! I love the swim mask!!

L.B. said...

Love love the bikini and beach beverage!! This is so great!

Scrapperdee said...

Makes me want to go for a swim and a cocktail!