Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ornaments Part 2 Cricut decorates the tree

Here Cricuts are determine who will do what job. After all they have to work together to make it happen. Notice they are standing a box from April Showers.

Looks like the plum one is helping with the pretty 3D bows.

They are all getting the decorations to help Pinky decorate the tree.

Becareful Pinky. Looks like Imagine is helping lift the ornaments for her.

OH NO!!!! Pink fell.. Don't worry no Cricuts were harmed in the making of these photos.

PINK assured us she is fine - after all she is a SURVIVOR!!!!!

Here they are all rejoicing the tree is decorated.

The 3D bow

The pretty 3D star

All Finished and ready for the table.

Ok so can I just say I love my new MINI - it is perfect for using w/ the craft room. I also loved the little extra bonus' that came with it. I received the download code for the 3D ornaments - let me tell you that is about 50% of why I bought the MINI because of the 3d Ornaments. The minute I unwrapped the MINI I started playing w/ these 3D ornaments. There was also a 3D bow digital cartridge I purcahsed w/ my credit. I can say I will probably never buy a bow again.

*** Disclosure****

I will say the 1st ornament I made had a little bit of a learning curve. WHY? Because I didn't realize there was directions for assembly available. I was ready to return my MINI because I couldn't figure out these ornaments. I got so frustrated with them I had to put them down and walk away. I did finally figure out how to make them. I actually then was looking at Curt Jensen's blog and actually saw that he created the 3d Ornament and bows cartridge. That is where I got the information there was a hand book about to assemble them.

Also I would not recommend making them 2" or smaller just a little more work to do with them.

If you haven't visited Curt's Blog I suggest you do so. He creates a lot of the great stuff for PC. Oh did I mention that he is having a challenge on his blog? You can go here for the details:

I will say that the little Cricut Collectibles came out of the cabinet to help put the ornaments on this tree I bought at Michaels for $1.00 yes $1.00 love it. This tree will be put on my dinning room table for all to enjoy.

Well have a great weekend and

Happy Scrappin'


Curt Jensen said...

Terri, I love this!!! Looks like the Cricuts had a great time decorating the tree with you. I especially loved the part about Pink being a SURVIVOR! I can't wait to share this on my blog.

L.B. said...

Love your tree, decor and the whole post with your cricut helpers. said...

You did awesome with your 3D decorations! glad to hear you are happy with your mini...
Was wondering if you would like to participate on my second yearly Dia De Reyes Hop?

Carolyn/MamaC said...

Where to start...the Cricut helpers are just too cute! Thanks for showing us how they can be little helpers!:0)
Then, your projects are wonderful. Thanks for the shout out for the Mini. I am so glad you are enjoying the little cutter!

Sis Patterson said...

Terri -

Congrats on your win!!! It is an adorable vignette!

Mel said...

Cute tree, love the little helpers ;)