Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cricutville Online National Scrapbook day(s)...Come color with me...

Let me start off by saying Welcome to National Scrapbook Day (or in this case Weekend). Thanks to Sis and Sara for asking me to be apart of this fun filled weekend.

Today I have a fun color challenge for you. Sometimes I find it really hard to do a color challenge because it may not be my colors I normally love to use. Well the tables are turned and today I am picking the colors for you to use. 

A few months back my girl friends and I signed up for the Mega Meet in Novi,  MI. which is a huge scrapbook show. We all wanted to make T-shirts so I offered to make them. Let me tell you I LOVE working with vinyl, but the Iron on Vinyl scared me!!!! Not sure why but it did - maybe because it is a little pricey and I only have 1 week left before the show and 1 piece of each color??

So without further a do here is your color challenge: Make a project using the following colors:
  - Yellow (maize), Pink (fuchsia), Blue (sky) Green (apple), Purple, and Hibiscus (salmon/orange).

You have until May 12th at 8:00 PM to make your creation and post on the Cricut Message board. Oh and because this is a fun weekend wouldn't it be great to have a fun little prize??? I will be giving away a prize to random participant.

Here is a little of how to make T-shirts w/ Iron on Vinyl. I bought the iron on vinyl - from and it is the Siser Easy Weed Iron on vinyl.

1) Select your design for this I like to use CCR - and great different tabs for each color I'm working with.
I type my words correctly then highlight them all and "flip" them see below
2) Make sure you "flip" the image you want - especially for words. 

3) Cut your images leaving the protective film on it. For the Sisser Easy Weed iron on vinyl - you will put the glossy side to the mat (that is the protective film).  Use a Kiss cut also - for that my speed was medium, pressure was 3, and blade 3.
 4) Weed the negative parts. (Here's a saving tip - use a really pointy tip objects like your Cricut Tool kit pick and pull away from the image).

 Then for this product you will use a normal house hold iron.
I set my iron to preheat at cotton. I walked away and let it warm up. Then iron the shirt w/o any thing on it.
Then lay the 1st piece in this case it was the fuschia color.
I then added the words to the center of that area. When working with an item you've already put the vinyl on you will want to protect it. So keep that large piece of film you took off from the base piece.
Then I continued putting each piece down - pressing the iron for about 15 seconds (DON'T RUB IT OVER IT PRESS AND HOLD THEN MOVE TO NEXT SPOT overlapping slightly to the previous). Peel the protective fill off - this one is either hot or cold peel.
If you are layering items I found it best to only let the first layer press for 15 seconds - then add the 2nd layer and do the full 20 seconds there.

Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see what you make using the colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Fuschia, Green and Hibiscus.

Happy Scrappin'
And lastly, there are several of us who are participating in the Circleville NSD Weekend who are also posting our tutorials and/or challenges and/or prizes on our personal blogs.
Everyone is invited to join in the fun! Here is a list of participants and the times you will find their posts on their blogs (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):


Heidi said...

Love the shirt! Thanks for the tutorial on the vinyl layering!

cdm317 said...

That shirt is very cool! You and your friends are going to look smashing in those tees! I love the colors you chose for the challenge and am looking forward to playing.

D- said...

Love the shirt. TFS. Your friends are lucky to have you. I haven't gotten brave enough to try vinyl yet.
I have to say adding the orange into this challenge threw me but I DID IT!! lol.
D- dmcardmaker (AOL)
Dragonfly 50 on the MB

craftieoma said...

I too love to use the iron-on vinyl. Love the way it layers. Especially like the glitter iron-on. Your shirts are adorable. Bet they are a big hit!

cdm317 said...

I think I've linked my Color With Me Challenge to this post. That was a fun challenge!

MulticrafterAmy said...

Great shirt! I made a card with these colors and posted it on my blog!