Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vinyl Halloween Pumpkin

 I posted this on the Cricut Fantastic blog but will also share here on my blog. If you haven't seen the Cricut Fantastic blog you should go and check it out. Here is the link
I bought these Styrofoam pumpkins last year at Michael's on clearance. (I paid $1.00 each for these pumpkins). The pumpkins are 9", 12", and 18" sizes.
I love fall, pumpkins, and Halloween so I used some Brown Cricut vinyl and cut some designs out to decorate the pumpkins.
If you have never worked w/ vinyl it is super easy.
Here is a few little tips for you: Do what is called a "Kiss Cut" - it is where you only cut the vinyl not the backing. To achieve this I used my expression and cut the vinyl at 3 on the pressure, 3 on the speed, and 3 on the blade depth. Vinyl cuts so nicely even small fin details cut out very nice. The second tip is for you to "weed" out the vinyl - that is just simply taking all the negative pieces out -I just use a pair of tweezers and works nicely. (Weeding out the pieces you don't want/need - ex. the windows on the house).

I used only 1 cartridge and that was Chic and Scary (Teresa Collins designed it).
Cut sizes"
Witch w/ moon 5 1/2"
Spooky tree 5"
Spooky house 3"
Bats cut in different sizes: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" 1" and 1 1/2". (That is also another great thing about vinyl is cutting smaller pieces).
Bird 1 1/2"
Cats 2" each - one cut normal and other flipped

I then pealed the vinyl off the backing and adhered them to the pumpkins. (I used a baby wipe to clean the pumpkins of any dust first).
Vinyl is forgiving and you can lift and reposition it if you get a bubble in it.
Just smooth it out.
Hope you enjoy!!!

Cricut Info & Supplies Used:
Designed by:
Terri Szymanski
Cricut Cartridges Used: Chic and Scary
Cricut Machines Used: Cricut Expression
Project type: Home decor
Project theme: Halloween
Other Supplies Used: Styrofoam Pumpkins

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