Saturday, April 14, 2012

OK this is for real this time.. One last canvas...

OK I am cutting it close, but I couldn't sleep so I made one last canvas.  Since I liked and (so did my friends) the past canvas' I went ahead and made this one too. The back story - a few months ago I agreed on FB to make a home made project for someone if they would make it for me - and pass it on. I had limited to 5 total. SO I figured I would make 1 canvas but then I became addicted to these as it was fun and really love the way they turned out.

I made this one for my mom.. SHHHH don't tell her until I give it to her in a few weeks.
My mom likes RED I don't have any red glimmer mist so PINK will have to do. I bet Karaboo (my friends daughter) is glad I didn't make this one for her. She doesn't like PINK at all. 

I made a small mistake - so I'll share the tip w/ you - don't touch the canvas until it's dry.

Letter Envy - Name 4" Wow didn't know the R would be so large...
Arts Philosophy - Flowers 2.5"
Arts Philosophy - Butterfly - 1.5" 

I think this will be the final one I make tonight. I may just make the other person 1 too. HMMM how fun would that be. 
I know they are all looking the same but trust me they are all different. I had allot of fun making these and if you get a chance I'd recommend buying a 3 pack of canvas and playing around with it.

Happy Scrappin'

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LindaV said...

Did you see the card I made you? PM me your address and I will send it to you!